Win the day

Fully Automated Cafe

UC’s first mobile-only cafe, serving third-wave coffee and local pastries super fast

Bbox helps you save time by placing the order in advance and having it waiting for you when you arrive. Without any human interaction, the challenge was to create a friendly and familiar order experience. Reminiscent of classic American dinners, Bbox's color palette, and font choice provided an excellent starting point.

What I did

Web Design, Dashboard Design, Mobile App Design, Flinto&Webflow Prototypes

What are you keen for today?

Good things come to those who bake!

For Bbox, a newcomer with a novel product, it was essential to clearly express how the order process happens when you don't have any employees. One photo > thousand words. Three photos = our order process.

To reinvent coffee & pastry shopping, you have to add some things: recurring orders, personalized products, pin numbers, and cubby's, and more. My task was to unite them seamlessly; under the same design.

Screens of all shapes and sizes unite!

Responsively designed

Big or small screen, Bbox's site looks good and works well on all your devices.