Healthy lifestyle to the core.

Premium Supplement Brand

Helping modern humans have a healthy educated lifestyle.

B!tonic aims to educate and fulfill the needs of modern humans who strive to have a healthy lifestyle. Their products cater to a variety of health aspects  — weight-loss,  anti-stress, anti-aging, male-virility, and more. For each one, I've created a unique color scheme and minimalist design tailored to their needs. It was important for all the products when combined; they keep a sense of unity.

What I did

Package Design, Branding, Marketing Materials, Art Direction, Web Design


Organic Powdered Meals Concept

Concept packaging for a line of organic/healthy powdered meals. I've continued the successful visual strategy from the first line of products and made it even more unique while still keeping a sense of unity. The result was a stunning two-tone packaging that's aimed at the trendsetter/curious demographic who are always searching for the next best thing.

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Selected visual designs

B!tonic's marketing materials for a Facebook campaign in Republic of Moldova.